Saturday, October 3, 2015

Satin Whale - 1978 - Whalecome

Satin Whale 

01. No Time to Lose (5:26)
02. Song For Thesy (4:10)
03. Maree (4:53)
04. Desert Places (8:24)
05. Reverie (2:22)
06. Holidays (5:58)
07. A Bit Foolish - A Bit Wise (6:05)
08. Crossing The Line (9:56)
09. Reminiscent River (4:10)
10. Goin´ Back To Cologne (3:30)
11. Hava Nagila (17:40)
12. Perception (18:38)
13. Sweet Little Sixteen (5:40)

- Thomas Bruck / bass, vocals
- Gerald Dellman / organ, piano, keyboards
- Wolfgang Hieronymi / percussion, drums
- Dieter Roesberg / guitar, wind, guitar (12 string), slide guitar

 This was taken from a show in Cologne, Germany in November of 1977. It opens with an orchestral sample on "No Time To Lose" as the crowd cheers. The gentle guitar and vocals that take over 1 1/2 minutes in turn fuller quickly. "Song For Thesy" features flute and chunky bass with drums to start. Vocals after a minute along with guitar. Organ joins in later. "Maree" is an instrumental and one of my favs. The drums, guitar and organ lead as we get some energy. Strings before 2 minutes then an organ solo before 3 minutes. A proggy instrumental. "Desert Places" opens with flute and drums as organ and bass join in too. The guitar comes in and eventually leads. Vocals 3 1/2 minutes in as it settles. This doesn't last for long though.

"Reveree" is a short piece with strings and a classical vibe. "Holidays (By The Seaside)" opens with the crowd cheering and clapping along. They like this one. Vocals before 1 1/2 minutes then we get an instrumental break 3 minutes in but it's brief. "A Bit Foolish-A Bit Wise" has a great sounding intro with prominant guitar. Vocals 2 minutes in. Flute before 3 1/2 minutes and strings too. Nice guitar solo a minute later. "Crossing The Line" ends dics one with organ to start as the guitar and drums join in. Vocals after 2 minutes.

Disc two starts with "Reminiscent River" where the piano and vocals are contrastsed with the heavier sections. This really sounds like a Neo-Prog tune. "Goin' Back To Cologne" also reminds me of Neo but just the synth work. "Hava Nagila" is one of two straight epic tracks. This one picks up 2 minutes in with the drums, guitar and organ standing out. Ripping guitar after 3 1/2 minutes. Frampton-like guitar 5 minutes in. It does settle with piano and drums before 7 minutes. Then we get a prolonged drums solo from 8 1/2 minutes to before 14 minutes. I liked it actually, he was impressive. "Perception" is another long one approaching 19 minutes. What I like about this one is the way they just seem to play and jam and you can tell they're having fun. "Sweet Little Sixteen" is a Chuck Berry cover and I must admit this makes me smile. A lot of joy in this old track.

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