Saturday, October 3, 2015

Satin Whale - 1978 - A Whale Of A Time

Satin Whale 
1978 -
A Whale Of A Time 


01. A Whale Of A Time
02. Racing Driver
03. Mindnight Skycrapers
04. Your Love
05. Desert Village
06. Spring
07. One More Night
08. More Than A Voice
09. Little Tune
10. I Can Believe

- Dieter Roesberg / guitar, wind
- Gerald Dellman / keyboards
- Thomas Bruck / bass, vocals
- Wolfgang Hieronymi / drums, percussion

Another cool proggy krautrock recording with solid guitar, Hammond and flute. I would recommend all their recordings but that's me, you may not agree. If you like a band and their sound then you like that band and their sound and you can't always explain why.

This band and their music moves me.