Saturday, October 3, 2015

Satin Whale - 1977 - As A Keepsake

Satin Whale
As A Keepsake

01. Holidays (5:39)
02.Reminiscent River (4:12)
03. Devilish Roundabout (5:43 )
04. Bit Foolish - Bit Wise ( 5:58 )
05. Shady Way (4:14)
06. Goin' Back to Cologne (3:54 )
07. Kew Gardens (4:26 )
08. Maree (4:38)
09. No Time to Lose (4:26)

- Thomas Bruck / bass, vocals
- Gerald Dellman / organ, piano, keyboards
- Wolfgang Hieronymi / percussion, drums
- Dieter Roesberg / guitar, wind, guitar (12 string), slide guitar

Everything else they ever done seems to get compared to Desert Places, and I didn't feel the need to do that. As a Krautrock album, As a Keepsake crashes and burns. As a "crossover prog" album, this rather good, and if you like crossover prog, this comes recommended. It might not have the extended jams of Desert Places, but it had nice songs and nice arrangements. I don't think they sold out, the production and the music is a bit too sophisticated. They go a bit in the Barclay James Harvest route here, which I guess was intentional, as they had toured with them. I even prefer this over the BJH album from the same time (Gone to Earth). This album has several songs I really enjoy including "Holidays", "Devilish Roundabout", "Going Back to Cologne" and "Maree". "Devilish Roundabout" features some nice acoustic guitar passages, plus I really love that vibraphone solo. While I enjoy Desert Places as much as the next proghead, I was surprised to find this enjoyable

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