Saturday, October 3, 2015

Satin Whale - 1975 - Lost Mankind

Satin Whale 
Lost Mankind 

01. Six O'Clock (3:47)
02. Lost Mankind (5:40)
03. Reverie (1:37)
04. Go Ahead (11:18)
05. Trace Of Sadness (5:26)
06. Midnight Stone (2:43)
07. Song For 'Thesy' (4:50)
08. Beyond The Horizon (7:10)

- Thomas Brück / bass, vocals
- Gerald Dellmann / keyboards
- Dieter Roesberg / guitar, saxophone, flute, vocals
- Wolfgang Hieronymi / drums

 When SATIN WHALE recorded their second output they have found more to an own discrete style on the one hand but unfortunately they've lost some the power from their debut as well. Thus with good reasons after that one and their Live record "Whalecome" they vanished in the haze more or less. The album starts a bit tame with the first three tracks but with the 11 minute + long "Go Ahead" comes certainly the best and most versatile track on here with great sax and flute play. "Trace Of Sadness" is a powerful organ driven rocker, "Song for Thesy" is very much dominated by flute, reminding a bit to FOCUS and has some nice drum and marimba sections between the vocal parts. Flute plays as well an important role in the final track "Beyond The Horizon" besides the good ol' hammond. Thus overall far more than 50 % of this album can be considered as very good 70s Art Rock.