Sunday, October 25, 2015

Joerg Siegert & Chorus Of XII - 1972 - Brain Sound (An Attempt to Record Coincidence)

Joerg Siegert & Chorus Of XII 
Brain Sound (An Attempt to Record Coincidence)

01. [u:ou-hu??uo]   
02. [?iu:-adi-dia]   
03. [u:tik-tuk-?u]   
04. [o:-i?e-u:ha:]   
05. [uou-u:hu:io:]   
06. [d?a-d?-ab?]   
07. [io:ije:-dob?]   
08. [u:-u:-?e-?:t?]   
09. [a:hoa-t?-so]   
10. [i:i-?a-u:?ej:]

Recorded live in Newport Beach, California
Originally released on LP as private pressing in 1972.
Producer, Arranged By, Engineer, Artwork By [Cover Art] – Joerg Siegert

Seriously demented stuff, suitably subtitled "An attempt to record coincidence". About as experimental as it could get in the early 1970s, and not entirely listenable, although definitely interesting if only from the "how far could that kind of experimentation reach ?!" perspective. Layers of vocals, whirlpools of reverb - this is the album that either affects you in its special crazy spiritual way, or just leaves you in disgust. Every listen is different.

Pictured in all its tantalizing, eye-popping glory in Hans Pokora's 1001 Record Collector Dreams, this hellishly rare Austrian avant garde LP from 1972 is nothing short of astonishing. There are no instruments, but rather varying configurations of solo, duo and ensemble vocal improvisations, presumably informed by the aforementioned (and nearly impenetrable) code (or “charts”). Although this might be seen as part of an interesting continuum, this unique and prescient music will stun even the most astute followers of outsider art. Describe it, you say? Sweet Jesus! “Shape note singing for acidheads,” perhaps? From an avant-classical perspective, one might mention late 60's Penderecki as a possible reference point (along with Ligeti, or perhaps even Nono). In improvised music, the Spontaneous Music Ensemble’s larger workshop groups similarly feature masses of vocal sounds; comparisons with Alan Watts’ This Is It are as plausible as they are inevitable. Ultimately, though, nothing will quite prepare you for this LP. In fact, when an original copy landed at Nero’s Neptune headquarters, one notorious "outsider" label chief/collector extraordinaire's peni-meter became so perilously engorged that he nearly burst with envy, casting ridiculous offers of rare wax and unmentionable “favors” our way whilst begging to let him take over. In other words, we strongly recommend purchasing this limited reissue while you can and securing appropriate spiritual condiments for the trip. After all, you CAN be anyone this time around.



  2. MindFucker Alert! Excursions into extremity...massive amounts of psychedelics + a no-limit All-vocal freak out crew
    sure do create a crazy edge city on Pluto!
    This brings to mind Marks & Lebzelter-Rock And Other Four Letter Words, Pascal Duffard-Dieu Est Fou,
    Magma-Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh & Tim least their vocal elements and their uncompromising visions... though this one is even more difficult, like a weird alien we have no reference point with...
    Thanks alot bro for the wealth of musical goodies & oddities!
    Ha ha the tricks N treats for the spooky season have begun!
    Yes a perfect day to enjoy some old ghosts,
    as the leaves fall in a gloomy rain...
    Here's a dark pair of forgotten tales and enchanted travels
    for your spectral enjoyment!

    ~Haunted Lore~
    1.The Raven...Kennelmus
    2.Everyone Comes To The Freakshow...The Residents
    3.Afghan Black...Muslimgauze
    4.Sur Les Traces Du Vieux Roy...Archaia
    5.Selected Readings From OAK MOT Part I...Crispin Hellion Glover
    6.Dysmaland...Michel Magne
    7.I Followed George's Dream...Snakefinger
    8.Electrollentando...H.P. Lovecraft
    9.Cecile's Delirium...Hypnose
    10.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun...Psychic TV
    11.Part One: Edweena...The Residents
    12.An Odd Question From A Forest Bird...Yage
    13.Ulalume...Jeff Buckley
    14.Voices Of The Dead (The Medium)...Mort Garson
    ~The Spell Breaks!~
    1.Ballroom Organ...The Haunted Mansion
    2.The Jar...Bob Jacobs
    3.End Of The Night...The Doors
    4.A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers Eyewitness...Van Der Graaf Generator
    5.The Fluter...Tom Newman
    6.The Seelie Court...Tom Newman
    7.The Seventh Seal...Aphrodite's Child
    8.The Fog...The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad
    9.Invocation...Bruce Haack
    10.One Room Cemetary...St. John Green
    11.Sawney Bean~Sawney's Death Dance...Snakefinger
    12.Distance Between Us...Don Bradsham-Leather
    13.Night Song For The Sleepless...John Carradine
    14.Soleil D'Ork (Ork' Sun)...Magma
    15.Fly-The-Night...Atlantis Philharmonic
    16.The Dream...Orpheus
    17.The Priests Of The Raven Of Dawn...The Open Window
    18.Pure Mystery...Jon Pertwee
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    Enjoy my fellow fiends!

  3. Sounds like one of those records to fulfill a record deal...I like it ;)