Saturday, October 3, 2015

Short rant!

Hi guys (and gals)...

Lately two things have been brought to my attention...

1. That we slowly are approaching the 500,000 visits
2. That about 10% of the download links are down

So to celebrate that y'all keep coming here and al the cool stories and remarks you have shared with me, the moment we reach that 500,000 visits we will do two things to say thank you to you people....

1. Take a short break from posting new stuff for a week or two so that we can reupload the dead stuff, in case something was taken down because a complaint, then I will not risk reposting it. But all the rest should be up in a couple of weeks
2. I really hope you will like this one... to at least have something of a celebration, When we reach the 500,000 I will post an album that I have never seen posted anywhere online and that I can count with the fingers of my hands the amount of visitors of this blog that ave ever heard this stuff... and I am sure it will rock your (weirdo) socks off.

Thanks a lot people!


  1. This blog is one of the best, thanks a lot Drago!

  2. Silent reader is coming .. I like your blog, even if most of your posts are already in my hands. The other one 'percentage'
    'proportion' is also interesting, continue...walk and walk...
    Many musicians from that era (these niche groups), often commend their achievements reissue of .... why? Because in those days hardly anyone has heard of them ... and after years of back flow out,on wider water ... This is a great reward for them after a time that many people can learn about them!
    @ Drago,Thank you very much!
    If you are here right now, I'd buy
    you a beer...

  3. Excellent blog with many treasures. I congratulate you on all your hard work. Your interest in this genre mirrors my passion for all things prog.


  4. thank you foor the good music.


  5. Yes - a fantastic blog. Lady June's other album "Hit & Myth" would make a good post. Have you thought of doing a show for ?

    love & peas DJ Frogs

  6. Drago Thank you for all your work & keep the magic going.

  7. Can't wait to see the new album thanks a lot Drago !

  8. seriously admire all your tireless efforts! keep on keeping on. peace x

  9. great stuff and mucho appreciated

  10. Cool, man. Thank you so much. As you know I test everything you post, and I keep a good 95% of it. You have my list of busted links, so I've done my part as a visitor to help you. I support your haitus of repair, and I look forward to acquiring the rest. In a world wher everything is retreating to streaming, most of this stuff will never make the cut. It is imperative that people groom and maintain their archives and collections for future generations. While this may violate certain senses of intellectual property, in the long run it will actually serve to maintain resilience of the music AS music, and not merely an appendage of some lawyer's fee structure. As long as it is streamed and restricted, it's good as dead.

  11. Thank You for all your effort, great albums, good information, etc. etc. Happy to hear some albums I missed will come back.

  12. This is one of my favorite site - even if I don't download I enjoy reading the informative info. Thanks for all this work.

  13. I am waiting to have my (weirdo) socks rocked off. :) Thank you for your taste and hard work.

  14. Hi friend,
    Please re-up the album Lazarus - A Fool's Paradise (1973).
    Thanks in advance.