Sunday, September 20, 2015

Magic Spell - 1980 - Is There Anywhere A Gas Station

Magic Spell 
Is There Anywhere A Gas Station

01. Is There Anywhere A Gas Station?    
02. Vernissage    
03. Turkish Invasion    
04. Glad To Be Hits    
05. Angels Hope    
06. Cut Off

Bass, Vocals – Roman Spiess
Drum, Vocals – Stefan Clavadetscher
Keyboards, Vocals – Mengia Clavadetscher
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Victor Waldburger

Just when you think you've heard all the private press progressive albums from Switzerland, on comes another one. I first heard of Magic Spell through a German catalog a few years ago, but given the title of the album, I just presumed it was another hyped piece of trash, which this catalog was prone to do. But in this case, they were right! This is fastball-down-the-middle progressive rock, with clear nods to early Genesis, late 70s Eloy, mid 70s Grobschnitt and a host of other Swiss bands like Agamemnon, Elysium and Eloiteron. One of the better ones I've heard from this peculiar Swiss scene. Side 1 is particularly strong, whereas Side 2 takes on a bit more of a commercial stance.

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