Sunday, September 20, 2015

Madder Lake - 1974 - Butterfly Farm

Madder Lake 
Butterfly Farm

01. Rodney’s Birthday – 3:01
02. Mother Ship – 7:40
03. Booze Blues II – 2:54
04. Ride On Fast – 4:26
05. One Star And The Moon – 5:21
06. Butterfly Farm – 3:33
07. Slack Alice – 5:08
08. Back Seat Song – 3:26

09. It’s All In Your Head (single A-side, 1974) – 3:51
10. I Get High (single A-side, 1976) – 3:26
11. Rodney’s Birthday (live at Garrison) – 2:55
12. Lizards (live at Sunbury) – 5:03

Mick Fettes - Vocals
Jack Kreemers - Drums
Brendon Mason - Guitar
Kerry Mckenna - Bass
Andy Cowan - Keyboards
– Ian Holding – bass (10)
– John McKinnon – keyboards, vocals (10)
– Linda George, Greenagh Bradstock – backing vocals (03,05)

he 1974 follow up to their startling debut 'stillpoint' is another progressive rock gem another chapter in the story of one australia's best bands of the seventies. This, their last lp (excepting their legendary 'lost' album 'brave new world.we're still searching.') again featured a striking cover from roadie / artist drak and was lavishly packaged in a gatefold sleeve and insert (artwork faithfully created for this release). Musically, 'butterfly farm' continues in the same 'psychedelic blues' vein as its predecessor and features the mighty 'ride on fast' along with some amusing adlibs (on the live at sunbury version of 'lizards') from singer mick fettes! Aztec have added two subsequent non-lp singles and a live track from sunbury and the garrison as bonus tracks! This deluxe reissue (including 4 bonus tracks) has been remastered from the original master tapes by gil matthews, with a 24 page booklet filled with rare photos and liner notes from noted australian rock aficionado ian mcfarlane. The last six months have seen a triumphant return to the live scene from madder lake, who are rumoured to be writing and recording new material for a projected follow up - 25 years later!

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