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Lindsay Cooper, Maggie Nichols & Joelle Léandre - 1982 - Live at the Bastille

Lindsay Cooper, Maggie Nichols & Joelle Léandre
Live at the Bastille

 01. Heads Will Roll - 5:07
02. Les Tricoteuses (The Knitting Women) - 6:25
03. Almost The Blues - 3:33
04. Forgotten Faces - 4:20
05. Ancient Station - 6:42
06. Une Journée - 2:58
07. Dream On - 5:16
08. Let Them Eat Telly - 2:46
09. Quiet As A Mouse - 0:45

Maggie Nichols - singing
Lindsay Cooper - bassoon, electric bassoon, dismantled bassoon, sopranino saxophone
Joëlle Léandre - double bass, backing vocals on "Head Will Roll

Recorded on 25 March 1982 at l'Ancienne Gare de la Bastille, Paris

There isn't much that could happen short of a serious illness that could make this session come out anything less than brilliant. The 1982 live date presents three European avant-garde music masters interacting on an intense and wildly entertaining level. Fans of Lindsay Cooper will really appreciate locating a copy of this somewhat rare vinyl release. She is a fine composer as well as one of the few bassoonists in progressive rock, who was later robbed of her physical ability to play this challenging instrument by a debilitating illness. Bassist Joëlle Léandre by herself could carry the entire album, and her vocalizing on "Heads Will Roll" is a memorable moment. Tracks such as "Un Journee" and "Forgotten Faces" are full of the surprises great improvisers come up with, from dusty little corners to entirely unknown rooms. This is a nice live recording done by the experienced Jean-Marc Foussat. ~ Eugene Chadbourne, All Music Guide

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