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Lindsay Cooper - 1986 - Music for Other Occasions

Lindsay Cooper 
Music for Other Occasions

01. Speed Of Light (3:29)
02. Belfast (2:09)
03. The Number 8 Bus (1:22)
04. Torn Away (1:45)
05. Plate Dance (2:58)
06. No Missiles (1:51)
07. Royal Courts Of Justice (2:13)
08. Iceland The Long Dance (5:25)
09. As She Breathes (2:35)
10. The Assassination Waltz (1:38)
11. Who Knows? (1:21)
12. Exchange (2:07)
13. Elegy (3:36)
14. Domestic Bliss (End Credits) (2:42)
15. They're Moving In (1:48)
16. Julia / End Credits (3:15)

- Lindsay Cooper / piano, synthesizer, saxophone, bassoon, glockenspiel, bass
- Chris Cutler / drums
- Georgie Born / guitar, bass, cello, piano
- Zeena Parkins / harp
- Irita Kutchmy / piccolo flute
- Celia Gore Booth / saw
- Vicky Aspinall / violin
- Dagmar Krause / vocals
- Maggie Nicols / vocals

Track A1, A2, A8, B1, B2, B5 & B7 recorded 1983 at Wave & Milo Studios.
Track A3, A4, A6, A7, B3, B4, B6 & B8 recorded 1984 at Wave & Milo Studios and Cold Storage Studio.
Track A5 recorded 1984 at Camden 8 Studio.
Final re-mastering and editing done at Milo Studio, October 85.

"Speed Of Light", "Iceland The Long Dance", "As She Breathes", "Elegy" and "They're Moving In" are studio versions of the music from "Face On", a solo dance and song show by Maedée Duprès, which toured in 1983. "Iceland The Long Dance" was choreographed by Sally Potter and "Elegy" by Richard Alston. The music was commissioned by Maedée Duprès with funds provided by the Arts Council of Great Britain.
"Belfast" is from "Green Flutes", a Channel 4 television documentary about a Republican flute band from Glasgow. Directed by Nancy Scheisari, 1983.
"The Number 8 Bus", "Torn Away", "No Missiles", "Who Knows?" and "Excahnge" are from "Hang On A Minute", a series of one minute films for Channel 4 television by Lis Rhodes and Jo Davis, 1984.
"Plate Dance" is from "The Time Of Their Lives" by Burnt Bridges theatre group, 1984.
"Royal Courts Of Justice" and "Julia / End Credits" are from "Breaking The Silence", a film about lesbian mothers for Channel 4 television. Directed by Melanie Chait, 1984.
"The Assassination Waltz" is from Monstrous Regiment theatre group's production of "The Execution" by Melissa Murray, 1982. Arranged from the marching song "Don't Lose Heart" by N. Peskov, 1873.
"Domestic Bliss" is a comedy/drama made for Channel 4 television. Directed by Joy Chamberlain, 1984.
"Next Century" is from "Das Nächste Jahrhundert Wird Unseres Sein" (The Next Century Will Be Ours), directed by Claudia von Alemann for Hessischer Rundfunk television.
"From Morning Till Midnight" is from the Soho Poly Theatre production of "From Morning Till Midnight" (Von Morgens Bis Mitternachts) by George Kaiser.
"The Colony Comes A Cropper" is from Monstrous Regiment theatre group's production of "The Colony Comes A Cropper" by Marivaux/Robyn Archer.
"Fledermaus" is from the Playbox Theatre (Melbourne) production of Cafe Fledermaus" by Robyn Archer.
"We'd Rather Fly" is from "Wir Wollen Lieber Fliegen Als Kriechen" (We'd Rather Fly Than Crawl), directed by Claudia von Alemann for Hessischer Rundfunk television.

 The world of Prog music has suffered a recent and dear loss. Lindsay Cooper, is no longer in this emanation of life. Her pioneer work in the early , developing RIO/AG scene (Henry Cow, Comus, National Health, and the later and magnificent News from Babel, among others). Her continous explorations as a composer and performer with a completely and own aquired musical structure, that led her eventually to follow her own nature, beyond the borders of tags or genres, will remain in our collective memory and in this page. This "Music for Other Occasions", could turn out to be the best way to understand, her personal contributions to the now, very structured, RIO/AG language, which were many and varied. And also as a work which will come closer to the Prog world, than the more "classical" later works which are closer to the contemporary "Classical" music concept, (the same as Zappa's, it is like a normal course to be taken eventually by 'Classical Music" disciples, of course not by rule) Anyway!,... A twenty-one, rather short songs effort, it exemplifies the musical-structures, she developed, and the ones she was coming up with at that specific period (1985). But let me be not, misunderstood, 'Music for other Occasions", never loses that undercovered sense of humour (if needed), it is as subtle as good humour has to be. She as a performer, was more than accomplished, quiet daring indeed, but her dynamics (and the other musician's) never pervades the compositional structures, which is a very, very, thin line. This project, if you like, will be the perfect introduction, to a more mature and wise, contemporary music composer. Why? Because she never stopped searching, for her own way of expression. And that is a privelege to testify!

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