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Lindsay Cooper - 1984 - The Small Screen. Music for Television

Lindsay Cooper
The Small Screen. Music for Television

Songs for Five Short Films Made by Lis Rhodes & Jo Davis (Four Corners for Channel 4)
01. The Song of the Goose & the Common
02. Off the Fence
03. Fair Exchange
04. Windscale
05. The Number 8 Bus

Green Flutes, a Film About a Republican Flute Band in Glasgow, dir. Nancy Schiesari for Channel 4
06. Belfast
07. Fanfare
08. Flute Tune
09. Priesthill

Domestic Bliss, a Comedy/Frrama dir. by Joy Chamberlain (Newsreel Collective for Channel 4)
10. End Credits

With Our Children, a Film about Lesbian Mothers dir. Melanie Chait (Lusia Films for Channel 4)
11. Court Entry
12. Lord Wilberforce
13. Home Movie 1
14. Open Letters
15. Linda B.
16. Home Movie 2
17. Three Heads
18. Julia/End Credits

Drums - Chris Cutler (tracks: A6 to A10)
Guitar, Bass Guitar - Georgie Born (tracks: A6 to A9, B1 to B8)
Horn [Tenor] - Kate Westbrook (tracks: A2, A3, B1 to B8)
Idiophone [Musical Saw] - Celia Gore Booth (tracks: B1 to B8)
Piano, Keyboards [Casio], Bassoon, Oboe, Sopranino Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Bass Guitar - Lindsay Cooper
Piccolo Flute - Irita Kutchmy (tracks: A6 to A9)
Vocals - Dagmar Krause (tracks: A4, A5) , Kate Westbrook (tracks: A1 to A3) , Maggie Nicols (tracks: B1 to B8)

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