Sunday, September 20, 2015

Klockwerk Orange - 1975 - Abrakadabra

Klockwerk Orange


01. Dounyunohedeprinces
02. The Key
03. Abrakadabra 

04. Schlüsselbein Overture
05. Willoughby
06. lad Zeppesch

- Herman Delago / guitar, organ, synthesizer, trumpet, vocal
- Markus Weiler / organ, E-E-piano, synthesizer
- Guntram Burt / bass, guitar, vocal
- Wolfgang Boeck / drums, turbular bells, timpani

A 2 cd reissue exis by Belle Antique, which I do not have.

If there's are country where ELP influenced greatly the development of Progressive Rock, it was Germany and Austria due to the proximity plus the obvious ethnic and cultural similarities followed them. Some of this bands encouraged by the success of outstanding albums as "Illusions on a Double Dimple" and "Spartacus" (TIUMVIRAT) tried to repeat the formula but didn't had that luck so they only scratched the surface of success, one of this bands is KLOCKWERK ORANGE.

The natural leader of the band was the multi instrumentalist and composer Herman Delago, (Guitar, Trumpet and Organ) formed at the Music Academy of Innsbruck. (Later he made Digeridoo albums and also formed part of AUSTRIA TRIO and VILLER SPATZEN plus some Jazz groups).

KLOCKWERK ORANGE was completed by Markus Weiler (Organ, E-E-piano, Synthesizer), Guntram Burt (Bass, Guitar, Vocal) and Wolfgang Boeck (Drums, Tubular Bells, Timpani).

Their only release was a 1975 LP called "Abracadabra" (Three epics album) which is pretty solid but lacks of some coherence, despite this fact the Hammond and Pipe Organ passages are brilliant (In the vein of Keith Emerson) the Trumpet is somehow reminiscent of Rein van den Broek from EKSEPTION but oriented to a more military sound. The percussion deserves a special mention because it's spectacular.

The vocals are rare and sometimes lost through long instrumental passages, not a must have but surely enjoyable for Symphonic fans, worth to give a listen.



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