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Hawk - 1973 - Live & Well

Live & Well


01. Kea Tseba Mokeago (I Know Where)
02. Slowly Towards the North (Suite)
- Bring Out The Wagons
- Limpopo
- Thaba Bosigo
- Deepest Darkest Africa
- Jungle Slumbers
03. Mumbo Jumbo
04. Hunter
05. Bona Bakweta
06. Mbalele
07. In My Youth

Bonus Tracks
08. Predictions*
09. My Spear*
10. The Return*
11. White Bird of Peace*
12. Tula Waname**

* From the South African version of "Africa, She Too Can Cry"
** Recorded live on JUne 10, 1971 at Selbourne Hall, Johannesburg

Dave Ornellas: Vocals, guitar, percussion
Mark Spook Kahn: Guitar
Brahm Malherbe: Drums
Les Jet Goode: Bass
Julian Ipi Laxton: Guitar

Julian Bahula: African drums, vocals
Billy Knight Mashigo: Percussion, vocals
Audrey Motaung: Vocals
Pete Kubheka: Vocals, percussion

Following the triumphant release of "Africa, She Too Can Cry," Hawk traveled to England and began work on their follow-up, a concept album about the Great Trek entitled "Slowly Towards the North."  But despite stirring a considerable about of interest in Europe, their record company lost faith in the project and pulled the plug before the album was completed.  Seeking a way to recoup his losses, the band's manager then released the unfinished tapes, without the band's input, as an apparent "live" album.  The release was mixed rather poorly and has muffled sound, though it does possess considerable charm. Had "Slowly Towards the North" been completed, I personally doubt if it would have been equal to Hawk's first two albums, but it would have been a fitting end to South Africa's greatest band.

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