Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wynder K. Frog - 1970 - Into The Fire

Wynder K. Frog 
Into The Fire

01. Into The Fire
02. Howl In Wolf's Clothing
03. F In Blues
04. Cool Hand Stanley
05. Eddie's Tune
06. Why Am I Treated So Bad
07. Hot Salt Beef
08. Warm And Tender Love

Shawn Phillips - guitar, vocals
Rocky Dzidzornu - percussion
Neil Hubbard - guitar
Chris Mercer - saxophone
Bruce Rowland - drums
Alan Spenner - bass
Mick Weaver - keyboards

Wynder K. Frog- Into The Fire -1970 UK": London-born keyboard player Mick Weaver has had a long career in music, from his early r'n'b performances to his recent work in Taj Mahal's band, but this article is concerned with his body of work in the late 1960's as Wynder K. Frog, leader of the eponymous (mostly) instrumental powerhouse outfit.

One of British rock's relatively-unsung heroes of the Hammond B3 organ, he is a supreme master of the instrument, particularly in blues/funk modes. Though much of his work has been relatively low profile as a session musician, or on stage on keyboards behind better known musicians.

Into the Fire was released only in the US, after the band had dissolved. Unlike the previous albums of mostly covers, the liner notes here state that the songs were, "composed specifically for the Frog style of musical interpretation, ranging far in beat, tempo and mood.

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