Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Syncrisis - 1982 - Sunny Crisis

Sunny Crisis

01. Aperman's Jungle Dance (3:46)
02. Groovin' To Mr. L. (6:07)
03. Olé Mc (4:18)
04. Don't Cry, Shout! (4:05)
05. A Taste Of Happiness (4:13)
06. Nostromo (3:18)
07. Darbangha (5:19)
08. Reflections In Your Eyes (4:18)
09. Droppin'-Out-Intermezzo (1:24)
10. Red Baron (4:27)
11. Out Of Mind (2:26)

- Titus Köstler / guitar
- Peter Frodl / bass
- Uwe Holzwarth / drums
- Edgar Müller / electric piano, mini Moog synthesizer

Obscure progressive/jazz rock band from Germany with 2 albums under their belt with second one from 1982 named Sunny crisis being the most intresting one. Led by excellent guitarist Titus Kostler who has some amazing moments here, I really don't know why this musician is so unknown, really he has some fantastic guitar solos and arrangements , just to be checked Darbangha for example, superb piece that shows how great this band was and with all that totally unknown to larger public. Jazz rock melted very efficient with progressive moves, nice keybords and drums, overall a pretty decent even great release. Furious guitar parts but very intresting combined with keyboards and superb bass lines make from this album a little treasure in this field. Never realeased on CD so far, and is a damn shame because maybe that way they had a far more exposure. Very good album that needs to be discovered or re discovered by many listners as possible. The album doesn't have weak moments only highlights, the side B being the most intresting one with plenty of excellent passages that will please both progressive rock and jazz rock fans alike.



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