Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rikki Ililonga - 1976 - Sunshine Love

Rikki Ililonga
Sunshine Love

01. Take It Light   
02. Ulemu   
03. Angel Black   
04. Munzi Wa Kangwanda   
05. Working On The Wrong Thing   
06. Sunshine Love   
07. Lovely Woman   
08. Lock Mice'elf Away   
09. Love Is The Only Way

Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards, Congos & Percussion: Rikki Ililonga
Bass: Peter Giraudo & Rikki Ililonga
Drums: Sparky Behrens & Rikki Ililonga

Rikki’s second album, Sunshine Love, features tracks that mostly have a tilt towards western music both in lyrical content and sound. Songs like “Angel Black,” “Love is the Only Way,” “Working on the Wrong Thing,” “Ulemu” and “Munzi Wa Kangwanda” were lovely hits for both the young and the old. The song “Ulemu” touches on the need to respect each other’s occupations. It matters less whether one is a cleaner, waiter or fishmonger; they all deserve respect for their service to humanity. “Munzi Wa Kangwanda” tells a sad story of how some traditions could be retrogressive. A girl comes of age and is taken into initiation seclusion as per tradition. During the seclusion she is not to take a bath nor speak but listen to her tutors on sex and life matters. Due to these unhygienic conditions, she dies.

Thankfully Rikki learned from his debut that he sucks at playing bass-and-drums, so he recruited a couple much needed back-up musicians to do the job. They do a really good job bringing out a lot of the afro-funk that he seems incapable of doing on his own. This time the album is split into the mostly singer-songwriter material of the A-side, and the complete back-to-the-basics fuzzy zam-rock of the B-side, but even the A-side opens and closes with the zam-rock so it's much more consistently heavy compared to his debut. And his playing is getting much wilder than before. The title track, for example, has a fuzzy guitar that he plays so violently that it sounds like the amplifier can't handle it resulting in a really nice and distorted "breaking up" sound that adds to the heaviness.



  2. There's a missing song for the track number eight, could you renew the extracted files of the album Mr. Drago Museveni???