Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pancake - 1977 - Out Of The Ashes

Out Of The Ashes

01. Painted Rush-Hour (3:09)
02. Arctic Ocean (9:26)
03. Cakey Funk (3:26)
04. Rainbow Suite (10:14)
05. Out Of The Ashes (6:43)

06. Roxy Elephant (Live) (15:30)

- Peter Indrak / bass guitar, violin
- Hans Derer / drums & cymbals, assorted percussion, backing vocals
- Walter Negele / Lead & rhythm guitars, 12 string guitars, special effects guitar, backing vocals
- Rener Rohm / lead vocals, backing vocals
- Heinz Bertsch / Hammond organ, clavinet, electric piano, grand piano, string essemble synthesizer

Original guitarist and main songwriter Walter Negele basically had to build the band from the ground up. For this lineup he added a keyboardist along with a talented singer, to provide a more symphonic sound than prior. As with "Roxy Elephant", same period Jane would have to be looked upon as an influence, since they too had switched to a more spacey sound reflecting their new interest in all things Pink Floyd. This type of sound was hugely popular in Germany at this time, as not only major indigenous bands such as Eloy and Grobschnitt had migrated in this direction, but a host of more unknown groups like Indigo, Fly, and Shaa Khan had also tried their hand had emulating "Animals" era Floyd. Overall, "Out of Ashes" demonstrates a more confident Pancake, and is a slight improvement on the debut. But they were to accomplish even more on their final album "No Illusions".



  2. Hi Drago, what year is this ? I have this cd but with no roxy elephant live cut on it. Is their more live Pancake out their? Thanks I love that first lp.

  3. Drago i just read the booklet no need to respond Thanks