Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ofege - 1973 - Try And Love

Try And Love

01. Nobody Fails   
02. Whizzy Ilabo   
03. Gbe Mi Lo
04. Try And Love
05. It's Not Easy
06. Ofege   
07. You Say No
08. Lead Me On   

Bass: Paul Alade
Drums: M-Ike Meme
Rhythm Guitar: Felix Inneh
Lead Guitar: Berkley Jones
Lead Vocals: Melvin Ukachi
Vocals: Felix Inneh, M-Ike Meme, Paul Alade

Recorded while the band members were still in high school (average age of 16), Ofege’s debut album Try And Love was originally recorded and released in 1973. Due to their vibrant combo of sweet harmonies, hooks & fuzz, they would become one of the most legendary Nigerian groups of all time, with expressive sales and national stardom.

However, with only four albums released until 1978 and no recognition outside Nigeria, Ofege’s short career would only be rediscovered with the turn of the century.

"Try and Love" is a very intriguing Nigerian psychedelic album. The music sounds as if it's from an earlier era - say around 1968 - and perhaps more like a US band than UK (the influence you might expect from Nigeria). The songs themselves have a light and breezy song style, complete with a Vox Continental sounding organ, and very distinctive African English vocals. So at this point they sound like some sort of African Afterglow (the Oregon psych band). But what makes this album so good is the delicious fuzz guitar leads, cranked at maximum volume, and played in a soulful manner. Well worth checking out



  2. Hi Drago,
    Thanks so much for this album. It has such a positive vibe to it. I was wondering: would you happen to have their second album as well (Higher Plane Breeze)? I've been trying to track it down for days and haven't come up lucky so far

    1. Man! that album has eluded me for ages... if I find it, I will surely post it... (If you find it first, please drop me a link!)