Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Morpheus - 2002 - For A Second

For A Second

01. Spanish Water (13:50)
02. Minimal Hip (3:02)
03. Go To Stop (1:32)
04. Funkturm (3:17)
05. Ever The Clever (4:12)
06. May Day Bay (8:03)
07. Spleep (2:35)
08. Cuzzle Puzzle Suite (21:46)
09. A Dose Is A Dose (1:08)
10. The Last Nandu (2:25)

- Gerold Adler / guitar
- Heinrich Holtgreve / Alto saxophone
- Alvaro "Chevere" Tarquino / drums
- Peter Blomeke / bass

In early-1977 Morpheus split. However, it's not the end of the story. Their bassist Peter Blömeke went on to a band called Bootleg who released a single in 1982. Guitarist Gerold Adler later had Gerald Adler Fusion, and played in a band called Juju & Friends in 1999.
So, why a Morpheus reformation? I'd heard rumours that they played live at festivals in Germany and did some good renditions of old classics. However, this new CD is of a totally different style of fusion. Much like the later Kollektiv reformation sounded nothing like the earlier band, sounding more like some homogenised American jazz-rock, so does this. Good, well played and creative, but devoid of any of their original identity.

CUZZLE PUZZLE SUITE is a 21 minutes monster track-absolutelly impressive,but all the album is very insteresting,catchy and diverse ,played by  very competent musicians and full of great ideas!

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