Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kapingbdi - 1980 - Hey Brother

Kapingbdi - 1980 - Hey Brother

01. Hey Brother
02. Human Rights   
03. Take The Guitar Out   
04. Why I Can't Get No Pay   
05. Our Heritage   
06. Kapingbdi   

Bass, Drums [Bamboo], Vocals – Mamadee Kamera
Congas, Vocals, Percussion – Ciaffa Barclay
Drums, Drums [Sangba] – Thomas Mensah
Guitar, Cowbell – Jean-Claude Nanga
Saxophone, Flute, Balafon [Ballaphon], Shekere, Vocals – Kojo Samuels

More of the same cool afro beat , jazz, rock fusion of the first album, I love it and can not have enough of it... If anyone out there has their third album from 1981 please send us a copy!

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