Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kandahar - 1978 - Pictures From the Past

Pictures From the Past


01. D.O.N.
02. Azucar
03. Virus
04. Mise Au Château
05. Synchron
06. Feeling Blue
07. Pictures From The Past
08. Darkness
09. Floating Pearls
10. Theme From 'DE TUIN DER LUSTEN' (garden of delight)

Jeff De Visscher (lead & acoustic guitar, sitar, vocals)
Jean Pierre Claeys (bass),
Etienne Delaruye (drums, glochenspiel, tympani, cello, tambourine, vibes, piano, syntheziser, strings, clavinet, marimba, vocals),
Jacky Eddyn (saxophones, strings, moog, harmo-sax),
Marc Van Herzeele (drums, timbales, vocals)

Third and last album is recorded without the help of Karel Bogard.
A fine album....a little more 'etheric' and less jazzy.

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