Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jean-Pierre Decerf & Gérard Zajd - 1977 - Out of the Way

Jean-Pierre Decerf & Gérard Zajd 
Out of the Way

01. Sight on the Sea
02. Spatial Feeling
03. Make Believe Advance
04. Reaching Infinite
05. Throbbing Number
06. Black Safari
07. Dreams in the Wind
08. Funkadelic Again
09. Fourth Level
10. On the Tenter
11. Static Man

Jean-Pierre Decerf: Keyboards
Gerard Zajid: Guitars

The same year 1977, Decerf did another LP (in collaboration with Gérard Zajd, at least for all but two tracks) for the CAM label called Out of the Way.  I don't know which came first (I've heard it was this one, in fact, but I can't be sure), but there's substantial overlap between the two.  Out of the Way opens with "Sight on the Sea", followed by "Spatial Feeling", and also features "Dreams on the Wind" and, yes, "Black Safari."  So the deck is stacked in its favor from the get-go, but it's not just another LP with those great tracks on it.  It's essential in its own right, and every track is a winner.  "Make Believe Advance" is another great slab of Hansson-esque psych (it would fit right in on his Lord of the Rings album); "Reaching Infinite" recycles the rhythm from "Black Safari" for a more sci-fi colored iteration and ends up sounding like unusually good video game music, but with a really unexpected, awesome surf guitar; "Funkadelic Again" is another superb drum-machine&psych guitar workout; "Fourth Level" is synth with a glaring spaceship gleam until it's interrupted, as though by Flash Gordon's more earthy Earth-ways, by a gritty guitar solo; and "On the Tenter" and "Static Man" are slightly unhinged little cityscapes, overcaffeinated slices of demented movie music.  It's one of the absolute best LPs in the Library universe.

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