Friday, August 21, 2015

Jean-Jacques Perrey - 1971 - Moog Sensations

Jean-Jacques Perrey
Moog Sensations

01. The Percolator    
02. Moog Sensations    
03. Aérolithe Alpha    
04. Ballet Intersidéral    
05. Borborygmus    
06. One Zéro Zéro    
07. Chronophonie    
08. Coeur Synthétique    
09. Berceuse Pour Un Bébé Robot    
10. Indicatif Spatial    
11. Pizzicato Pour Vénus    
12. One Two Two    
13. Music    
14. La Panthère Cosmique    
15. Soirée Chez Jean-Sebastien    
16. Quand Le Temps Sera Venu    
17. Colonie Céleste    
18. La Tour Pointue    
19. Relaxation    
20. Moogie Boogy

The reissue of this record got only credited to Jean Jacques Perry. The original record ist credited to Pat Prilly, his daughter, who wouldn’t compose but give him ideas and play things on her organ so he gave her credit on those song. Also a legal background (like him signed to another label that time) is possible for giving credits to her.

The moog fad wasn't all-kitsch. This album by the master Jean-Jacques Perrey is definitely outside the range of cheap interpretations on Moog of various genres started by Switched-On Bach. This is full-grown art on Moog, it's still quite "ridiculous" and probably only interesting for fans of Moog, but it consists of all-original compositions - and surprisingly good too. You'd be surprised to hear track 2, "Moog Sensations", sounds a lot like "Percolator" from Emperor Tomato Ketchup, song which is named after track 1 of this album, "The Percolator". Or after an instrument with the same name... Who cares? Anyways, if you're new to Moog music, like myself, you'll find lots of motivating gigs here. Songs like "La Panthere Cosmique" are actually really great!

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