Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Emerald City - 1981 - Pieces

Emerald City 

01. Candy Girl - 03:10
02. Wake Up In The Morning - 06:06
03. Little Bit Of Time - 03:50
04. Twice I’ve Held The Lantern - 06:07
05. To Be Yourself     - 07:07
06. Someone To Believe In - 05:17
07. Eye Of The Storm - 09:05

Virgil "Swirvel" Allison, II - Keyboards
Tom Guy - Lead Vocals, Piano, Accoustic Guitar, Percussion
Randy Russell - Lead Guitar
Bobby Sewell - Keyboards
Mark Willams - Bass, Percussion,  Back-up Vocals

Private Label album recorded in Nashville and released in 1981.  The band’s song writers, brothers Tom and Danny Guy, previously released a dreamy psych LP called “Brothers” in the early seventies.  Tomas Gye also released a Self Titled LP in 1976.
 This LP receives a favorable review on page 101 of “Acid Archives The Second Edition” by Patrick Lundborg.  Among the things Patrick writes is, “Southern boys from hill country put together an unusual, agreeable progressive rock album that doesn’t sound like anything from 1981”.

Superbly melodic. Addictive in many ways. Highlights: "To Be Yourself" and "Someone To Believe In."  Track this one down.  Late 70's downer folk-prog from Tennessee?  Who would have known?  Perfect.

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