Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cassiber - 1986 - Perfect Worlds

Perfect Worlds

01. Dust and Ashes (2:03)
02. Crusoe's Landing (4:34)
03. Miracolo (4:53)
04. Prometheus (4:51)
05. Sleep Armed (2:15)
06. In a Room (4:56)
07. Todo dia (2:35)
08. Orphee's Mirror (5:02)
09. I tried to reach you (1:59)

- Christoph Anders /singing, sampling keyboard, guitar
- Chris Cutler / drums, electrics, voice
- Heiner Goebbels / keyboards, sampling, guitar on 1,6, bass, computer work

As Far all output of Cassiber is exceptional, this one is my personal favorite. Ugly Beauty of Music and absolutely demented lyrics about isolation , anxiety of Human Race in whole makes this jam one take breathing. This is first album without participating of Alfred Harth. Pity such great talent leave project, but some advantages thankfully appeared. Last three pals were obligated to reinvent upproach and sound is overtly stripped down more concentrated on the story. The most outstanding tracks are In A Room with absurdist lyrics in the vein of late Samuel Beckett and of course last powerful anthem I Try To Reach You, wich become permanent closer in Cassiber concerts. Anyway it is one of kind outing!


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  2. http://filefactory.com/file/67wb74e3gylb/2455.rar