Friday, August 21, 2015

Breuer & Perrey -1970 - The Happy Moog

Breuer & Perrey
The Happy Moog

01. Space Express
02. Short Circuit
03. Paris 2079
04. In a Latin Moog
05. Moog Foo Young
06. Re-Entry to the Moon
07. Saturn Ski Jump
08. In a Happy Moog
09. Blast-Off Country Style
10. March of the Martians

Harry Breuer
Jean-Jacques Perrey

C'mon get happy.  But can music really isolate "happy", when it means so many different things to different people?  Well sure it can.  Grab a Moog, and imagine Martians have invaded what I think we can all agree when our collective subconscious was most happy - our great-grandparents' childhoods.  Join the oompah parade of old-timey crap like parasols, all-day suckers, unicycles, and cultural stereotypes ("Moog Foo Young", anyone?), and get giddy already.  It's an ongoing, jokey vaudevillian pie-throwing farce - with the punchline in its 1970 liner notes:  "The world needs love, and this Moog Synthesizer can get with the heart and flowers scene like crazy."  Eh?  The senile or the pre-pubescent maybe, but I hope they didn't actually market this to flower children.



  2. Great. A Moog album I didn't know. Thanks.