Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Achterbahn Band - 1979 - Richmond Road Riot

Achterbahn Band 
Richmond Road Riot

01. All These Summernights    
02. Richmond Road Riot    
03. Days In Paris    
04. Member Of The Upper Class    
05. My Sweet Son    
06. Swedish Woman    
07. Children Song    
08. Cold    
09. Pretty Lines    
10. Be All My Sins Remembered    
11. Orange Tree Rag

The Achterbahn Band's self released Richmond Road Riot LP seems to be the only record the group from Delmenhorst in northern Germany released. Now that is a damn shame, because in my little world Richmond Road Riot is a wonderful and timeless crown jewel...
But it always gives me a hard time when trying to talk/write about it. It's not easy to describe their very eclectic style of music - not really Progrock, not 100% Pop, Jazz? yes maybe..... Dammit I hate this category stuff! Maybe it's just incredibly good pop music with hints of progressive rock and easy latin á la High Llamas. And whatever it may be, it doesn't sound like "1979" to my ears. More like "sometime between 1969 and 2009".
Please get an impression and tell me what you think about it!
I absolutely love this album and would love to know more about them... for starters who are the guys in the band... All and any info is welcome!



  2. It's the "Steely Dan-ish" genre with a touch of Bob Welch-era Fleetwood Mac thrown in. Good album, thanks.

  3. you got it... Bob Welsh era Fleetwood Mac is my favorite...

  4. always wondered what would have happened if Tommy Bolin joined Fleetwood Mac instead of Deep Purple... it is rumored that rehearsals with Tommy Bolin and Fleetwood Mac do exist... crooked tape traders have tried in several ocations to pass tapes with Welsh as the legendary Bolin tapes...

  5. Nice music, I like that. Stay black. Peace, JV.

  6. Looks like Joe Jackson's debut, Look Sharp!. Which also came out in 1979!