Sunday, July 5, 2015

Various Artists - 1995 - Unsettled Scores

Various Artists
Unsettled Scores

101. The True Wheelbase/Coco Boudakian (Medley) - Forever Einstein
102. Hobart Got Burned - Kit Watkins/Coco Roussel
103. Onde Crepusculaire - Doctor Zero
104. Ubik - Peter Frohmader
105. Enfield In Summer - Piero Milesi
106. Transsiberien - Philharmonie
107. Unna - Hugh Hopper
108. A Moral Dilemma For Our Times - Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic
109. Promenade Sous Zero - Miriodor
110. Meccano Pelorus - Phil Miller
111. The March (Or Ornette Went To Cecil's House, But Left After About 10 Minutes) - Henry Kaiser And Friends

201. Bulgarian Flying Spirit Dances - Happy Family
202. Dedicated To K.C. - Djam Karet
203. Pain Waits Till 5PM - Present C.O.D. Performance
204. They Walk Among Us - Richard Pinhas/John Livengood
205. Miniluv - David Borden
206. Three Curiously Insubstantial Duets, No. III - VolApuk
207. Summer Walk - Rattlemouth
208. Piege - PFS
209. Complainte - George Cartwright
210. Carousel, Dedicated To Hugh - U Totem
211. Get Moose And Squirrel - Virgil Moorefield
212. She Wears Her Dead Mother's Hat - The Muffins
213. Scene Of The Madmen - Forrest Fang
214. Dyed - C.W. Vrtacek

What a delicious concept, Cuneiform bands play their favorite music by other Cuneiform bands. Since they all share (or did at the time) a similar aesthetic, the result is stylistically coherent while still bringing fresh perspective. The music is as clever as the pun in the title!

There are even some rare treats for the cognoscenti: unfinished tracks that see their first release here, medleys across bands (Miriodor play both Present and Univers Zero), cross-Atlantic collaborations (Doctor Nerve and Univers Zero playing together through the miracle of tape), and more.

In the liner notes, label head Steve Feigenbaum states that the double album took over 4 years to pull together (1991-1995), which might explain why it's never spawned a sequel. Certainly the music cries out for one !!

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