Friday, July 3, 2015

Univers Zero - 2014 - Phosphorescent Dreams

Univers Zero 
Phosphorescent Dreams

01. Shaking Hats
02. Rêve Mécanique
03. Très Affables
04. Vocation
05. Les Voleurs d'Ombre
06. L'Espoir Perdu
07. Phosphorescent Dream

- Kurt Budé / clarinet, bass clarinet, alto and tenor saxophones and percussion
- Daniel Denis / drums and percussion
- Dimitri Evers / electric and fretless bass
- Nicolas Dechêne / electric and acoustic guitars
- Antoine Guenet / keyboard

Guest musicians:
- Nicolas Denis / drums and percussion (3)
- Hugues Tahon / trumpet (2, 6 & 7)
- Adrien Lambinet / trombone (2 & 6)

 Univers Zero's, 2014, " Phosphorescent Dreams", makes it quiet clear, from start to finish, how well this ensemble has aged for good. This release will even challenge the band's close followers, by striking some brushes of a somewhat, not very Univers Zero's commonly known musical language. But as all true owners of an own musical idiom, this "new" approaches never, not even by chance, lose their "trademark" dark intentions.

So, to cut things short, expect a very strange and hypnotic tour, through a bombastic deep bitter-sweet obscure beauty. Tainted with "free-Jazz", some "happy melodic lines" here and there, splashes of very "heavy" electrics and subtle solos, "medieval-like intros and passages", a couple of piano based songs, marvelous instrumental arrangements and intelligent compositions full of extraordinary and daring ideas. All matched up with highly inspired performances by each member of this re-modeled version of the, somewhat movable, musicians involved under this band/name, to bring everything into perfection.

I myself, have been listening to it intensely for the past weeks and it only gets better, and more difficult to turn down, each time I play it. I know myself, and what really turns me on. This Univers Zero, 2014 realease, is one of those things



  2. This looks incredible. Thanks.

  3. Sorry Drago, but the link is dead. The album must be re-up, please!