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Thierry Zaboitzeff - 2003 - Missa Furiosa

Thierry Zaboitzeff 
Missa Furiosa

01. Preparation
02. Introitus
03. Kyrie
04. Gloria
05. Les Moines
06. Lacrimosa
07. O Vierrou
08. Dies Irae
09. Sanctus
10. Requiem
11. Agnus Dei
12. Libera Me

- Thierry Zaboitzeff / guitars, bass, cello, electronics, vocals
- Peter Angerer / drums
- Ruper Bop / violin, Oud
- Jean Bermes / vocals
- Christine Augustin / vocals

Thierry Zaboitzeff calls his and his crew’s newest album ‘Mïssa Furïosa’ a ‘techno-pop mass’. Well, i fear he won’t land in the disco dance charts with this ! ‘Mïssa Furïosa’’s premiere was elaborately staged at the Brucknerfest in Linz in September 2002. The small Paris label Intoxygene released the mass as a cd in 2004.

What do we hear here? A mass for two vocal soloists, voices, keyboards, bass, cello, violin, e-guitar and drums, enriched with electronic sounds, samples, tapes, computer rhythms and beats, ethno sounds and Zaboitzeff’s  gloomy growl. Zaboitzeff followed the form of the traditional Catholic mass (Introitus, Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Angus Dei – he left out the Credo), added a few more sets of his own, and created an electro-liturgical spectacle, complete with Latin lyrics.

The result is dense and full-toned, definitely interesting and very unusual. Gloomy, Zoyd-like sound mass meet classical soprano and baritone vocals, Middle Age choirs with modern dance beats, accompanied by hectic strings, wafting electronic peaks and minimalistic-repetetive bass patterns. Heavenly choirs float over endlessly repeating sequence patterns, augmented by Zaboitzeff’s demonic voice, bellstraps and hectic string sounds, over which the two solist’s intricately woven song soars. Floating sacral sounds intersperse with intense sections which at times become Zeuhl-like/hysterical (‘Dies Irae’), with sonorous, monumental keyboard landscapes, an almost-gospel choir (‘Gloria’), lamenting ‘monk’s chants’, a rhythmic-complex electronic sound jungle, short, nearly danceable sections, dominated by bass, drums and rhythm machine and much, much more.

When interviewed, Zaboitzeff stressed that his work contains neither blasphemous nor particularly Catholic intentions. His aim was to recreate the sacral atmosphere, the religious and iconographic rituals (embedded in a modern, contemporary sound) that had impressed him so much as a child during church visits. Some listeners may dislike the faintly techno-like beats which occasionally appear, but once you get used to them, ‘Mïssa Furïosa’ becomes interesting to listen to, with an impressive sound. The old Art Zoyd spirit shimmers through all over the place. Strange but good!

Achim Breitling

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