Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Web - 1969 - Theraphosa Blondi

The Web
Theraphosa Blondi

01. Like the Man Said / Sunshine of Your Love (13:54)
03. 'Til I Come Home Again Once More (3:02)
04. Bewala (2:32)
05. One Thousand Miles Away (4:34)
06. Blues for Two T's (2:51)
07. Kilimanjaro (3:54)
08. Tobacco Road / America (5:40)

Previously unreleased bonus tracks in 2008 re-release
08. Afrodisiac
09. Newspecs

- John L. Watson / vocals
- Kenny Beveridge / drums, percussion
- Lennie Wright / vibes, percussion
- John Eaton / guitar
- Tony Edwards / guitar
- Dick Lee-Smith / bass
- Tom Harris / saxes, flute

Therosphosa Blondi has the same musicians as Fully Interlocking and you can really get the same feelings the first album gives you. It was made in 1970, two years after its precursor. But the question before reviewing this was: Could the band once again do a masterpiece like the debut album. And the answer to that is almost. This record contains a lot of marvelous songs but it's not as astonishing as Fully Interlocking. The Web's sound creves a definition. It feels they are rather distant from other prog bands. There is some jazz, some brass band and some popular songs here. They also used sounds from Caribbean and Africa.
"'Til I come home again once more" which is a wonderful little song, reminds me of Cat Stevens' early recordings. "Blues for Two T's" is similar to some early Jethro Tull pieces but better with a driving flute and a bluesy feeling. "Like the man said" is irresistible with its beautiful song and saxophone, a very vital soundscape. It continues with "Sunshine of your love" which also is great. The lyrics in "One thousand miles away" is nice about longing for your home. The song gives you feeling of the Caribbean and the melancholy. "Tobacco Road/America" is a great song which also uses Leonard Bernsteins "America" like The Nice did. This record is very close to perfection. Actually I want to give it five stars but me rating on every song concludes in 4,4. Thus, this is a great record. You will like it if you listen and I hope people will discover "The Web". But listen to "Fully Interlocking" primarily which is my favorite.

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