Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Carolyn Hester Coalition - 1969 - Magazine

The Carolyn Hester Coalition 

01. Rise Like Phoenix    3:09
02. Dedicated    2:58
03. Plant The Crops In The Garden    2:54
04. Beadmaker    2:44
05. St. James Infirmary    5:13
06. Just Follow Me    5:04
07. (Sittin' On The) Dock Of The Bay    3:42
08. Sir Robert, The Lost Knight    3:36
09. Calico Sky    2:32
10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot    2:44

- Skeeter Camera - drums, percussion (1968-69)
- Carolyn Hester - vocals, guitar (1968-69)
- Dave Mauney - vibes, bass (1969)
- Steve Wolfe - lead guitar (1968-69)

Musically Hester's second LP for Metromedia, 1969's "Magazine" isn't all that different from the previous release.  Once again, Hester's little girl voice is an acquired taste (to our ears, on material such as "Dedicated" and "Plant the Crops In the Garden" she recalls Kate Bush).  Perhaps a little more subdued than the previous set, like the previous album, Hester's at her best when blending her folk roots, with late-60s psych moves.  Highlights include "Rise Like Phoenix" (with some tasty fuzz guitar from Steve Wolfe) and "St, James Infirmary".  Fascinating in an offbeat way ...  the only real misstep is the goofy Otis Redding cover.  One of Hester's lesser known releases, the LP may be even rarer than her self-titled release.

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