Thursday, July 23, 2015

Samurai - 1971 - Kappa


01. Trauma (10:19)
02. Same Old Reason (2:49)
03. Daredatta (3:39)
04. Vision Of Tomorrow (3:52)
05. King Riff And Snow Flakes (22:29)

- Mickey Curtis / voices, flute
- Mike Walker / voices, percussion
- Joe Dunnet / guitars
- Hiro Izumi / guitars, koto
- John Redfern / keyboards, recorder
- Tetsuo Yamauchi / bass
- Yujin Harada / drums
- Graham Smith / harmonica

 A trip through both light and heavy prog psych, this is an oft forgotten but excellent lost gem of psychedelia's golden years. Mickey Curtis leads his wonderful band to carve new soundscapes and lay down some kickin' tracks. "Trauma" opens the album with a ten minute long journey through both the light and hard aspects of the band's style, in a great instrumental romp. The rest of Side One is a few cut and dry, though well done, bits of hard psych. Side Two is a psych epic through the realm of King Riff, an ever rockin' and mind blowing country. Keys are the hidden weapon here, for while guitar leads and flutes chime in, the keys add extra texture, and then shine brightly in the lands of King Riff. Another excellent hidden treasure from psych, highly recommended to psych and heavy prog fans.



  2. Is: "Miki" Curtis.
    And what a great-great album.

  3. One of the all time killers!! Thanks as always.

  4. Hi.
    Thanks for your blog.
    Great band. I have their albums.
    Can you upload the second album of Tetsu yamuchi, Kikyou (1976), please? I would like to listen taht album.