Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rare Bird - 1974 - Born Again

Rare Bird 
Born Again

01. Body and soul
02. Live for each other
03. Diamonds
04. Reaching you
05. All that I need
06. Redman
07. Peace of mind
08. Harlem
09. Lonely street
10. Last tango in beaulah

- Kevin Lamb / organ, vocals, harmony vocals
- Steve Gould / bass, guitar, piano (electric), saxophone, vocals, overdubs
- Dave Kaffinetti / synthesizer, piano, keyboards, organ (Hammond), piano (electric), clavinet, harmony vocals
- Fred Kelly / percussion, drums, vocals, harmony vocals
- Andy Rae / bass, guitar
- Peter Rice / percussion

5th and last album by the excellent British Prog band Rare Bird, which went through a significant personnel changes by the time this album was recorded. Founding members: keyboardist Dave Kaffinetti and vocalist / guitarist Steve Gould, were joined by bassist Andy Rae and drummer Fred Kelly. The band keeps up with the tradition set up by the earlier recordings, which is characterized by superb melodies and brilliant instrumental work, which unfortunately never brought them the recognition they so richly deserved. Being unavailable for many years, this CD reissue brings back this gem into circulation, saving it from being forgotten. Warmly recommended!



  2. Great site! Any chance you could post "Count Me Out" by Mookyte? Thanks for all the obscure tunes!