Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rare Bird - 1973 - Somebody`s Watching

Rare Bird 
Somebody`s Watching

01. Somebody's watching
02. Third time around
03. Turn your head
04. More and more
05. Hard time
06. Who is the hero
07. High in the morning
08. Dollars
09. A few dollars more

- John Wetton / bass
- Paul Korda / vocals
- Nicky James / vocals
- Kevin Lamb / vocals
- Nic Potter / bass, guitar (bass)
- Sammy Abu / percussion, conga
- Andy Curtis / guitar
- Steve Gould / bass, guitar, guitar (bass), saxophone, vocals
- Paul Holland / percussion, conga
- Dave Kaffinetti / organ, synthesizer, piano, keyboards, clavinet
- Fred Kelly / percussion, drums, vocals
- Allegra Matthews / percussion
- Al Matthews / conga
- John Whetton / guitar (bass)

 I remember buying this LP from a kid at school when I was about 15. I loved it then and at nearly 50 I love it still. This record is about the songs. Earlier Rare Bird LP's always come across as 'look what good musicians we are', which was never of interest to this 15 year old.
What you get from this wonderful LP are great songs, a groove and soul. Music from the heart, not just the mind. This could not be typified more by the wonderful 'More and More'. Blue eyed sould at it's finest, with harmonies at the end to reduce a grown man to tears. Other highlights include 'Turn your Head Around', which has a wonderful hook and the heart breaking 'High in the morning', a paen to a drug addict friend to get his act together and enjoy his life once more.

The meloncolic, almost folky, feel of 'Hard Time' and 'Who is the Hero' are beautifully crafted songs and would have sounded fantastic sung by Sandy Denny. These are moment to make the earth move.

Finishing with 'Dollars', a take on Morricone's 'A Few Dollars More', this line of Rare Bird shows that it can rock out with the best of them and for all you worshipers of 'Musicianship', then get your listening gear around this, they play it beautifully and indeed, the playing is magnificent through out.There are NO weak links in this body of work. It is perfect.

I can see that I'm in the minority here, but 'Somebody's Watching' should be in every rock fans collection, purely for a love of exemplary song writing and beautifully crafted melodies. You get Pop,Soul and Prog' on this LP and if you don't love it, you aint got blood in your veins!