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Present - 2005 - A Great Inhumane Adventure

A Great Inhumane Adventure 

01. Delusions – 14:47
02. Alone – 10:58
03. Le Poison Qui Rend Fou – 10:16
04. Laundry Blues – 13:01
05. Promenade au Fond d’un Canal – 23:33

- Pierre Chevalier / Roland piano, keyboards
- Dave Kerman / drums, percussion
- Jean-Pierre Mendes / bass
- Reginald Trigaux / guitar, vocals
- Roger Trigaux / guitars, vocals, keyboards
- Keith Macksound / bass solo (5)

In 1998, Present toured the US for the first time, promoting “Certitudes” album, a month-long journey that found the quartet playing venues across the country, ending in Baltimore, where “A Great Inhumane Adventure” was recorded.

The band certainly made an impression on the audience with the powerful, dark, repetitive music, Dave Kerman playing the drums with seemingly anything he could get his hands on, Roger Trigaux towering over the audience in his dark trench coat, and even pounding on the stage with a big, red pipe.

Three of the tracks on the earlier live 1996 CD are repeated on “A Great Inhumane Adventure”, including the monumental “Promenade au Fond d’un Canal,” which was the featured piece on Triskaidekaphobie, Present’s inaugural 1981 recording. The two guitars entwine exquisitely on the newer live version of the piece, and Pierre Chevalier assaults his keyboards with dissonant, propulsive energy throughout the program. Dave Kerman is a congenial force on drums, and he combines with bassists Jean-Pierre Mendes and (on “Promenade”) Keith Macksoud for the thick, bottom-heavy sound associated with the classic French progressive rock groups. The accented vocals of Roger Trigaux (and Reginald Trigaux’s occasional wailing counterpoint) is an acquired taste, depending upon the listener’s tolerance for goth posturing.

“Laundry Blues” is a typical Present track, though note-worthy if only because it has yet to be seen in a studio album.

This album makes a good companion to 1996's “Live”. If you already like the band, then “A Great Inhumane Adventure” is a must.

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