Sunday, July 5, 2015

Present - 2001 - High Infidelity

High Infidelity

01. Souls For Sale (1) – 3:14
02. Souls For Sale (2) – 3:24
03. Souls For Sale (3) – 3:39
04.Souls For Sale (4) – 5:27
05. Souls For Sale (5) – 4:55
06. Souls For Sale (6) – 6:45
07. Strychnine For Christmas (1) – 3:55
08. Strychnine For Christmas (2) – 6:58
09. Reve De Fer – 9:21

- Roger Trigaux / guitar, vocal
- Reginald Trigaux / guitar, vocal
- Pierre Chevalier / piano, keyboards, organ, mellotron, vocal
- Dave Kerman / drums, percussion, vocal
- Keith Macksoud / bass
- Matthieu Safatly / cello, vocal
- Fred Becker / alto & tenor sax
- Dominic Ntoumos / trumpet, flugelhorn
- Udi Koomran / sound

“High Infidelity” sees Present progress yet some more in the complex RIO and Zeuhl world, that they are building with every album. The band is now in an extended form with with a sring and brass section. The main quartet of Trigaux (father and son), Chevalier and drummer Dave Kerman is still the heart and soul of the band. Macksoud in bass is a regular now.

A rather bizarre sombre almost underground artwork (a collage of Israeli or Palestinian streets night scene) certainly sets the sombre mood of the album.

From the opening six-parts suite Soul For Sale (27 min+) with its insane and oppressive groove on which both father and son pull some searing guitar lines that even Fripp would love to have written, is constantly shifting and twisting almost uncontrollably sometimes reminding you Magma. The brass section adds more than a bit of variety in the soloing, and certainly is used for full drama as underlining the constant tension.

The two-parts 11 minutes “Strychnine For Christmas” (under-titled The Truth About Santa Claus) penned by Pierre Chevalier, is softly underscored by a rare Mellotron behind a rather distant Crimson influence, but the vocals are certainly perfectible (both English lyrics and vocals from Kerman).

Third and last track, written by Trigaux, is the “Reve De Fer” finishes as a tribute to a well known theme with Belew-Fripp interplay.

Yet another stunning work from the ever-progressing Trigaux gang.