Friday, July 3, 2015

Present - 1980 - Triskaïdékaphobie


01. Promenade au Fond d'un Canal
02. Quatre-vingt Douze
03. Repulsion

04. Dense {*}
05. Voulez Temps en la Saurez voulu {*}

- Roger Trigaux / guitars, pianos
- Alain Rochette / pianos, synths
- Daniel Denis / drums, percussion
- Christian Genet / bass

 {*} { Live at Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels, February 28, 1981 }

Present started as an offshoot project of Univers Zero with both Roger Trigaux and Daniel Denis, but Trigaux was not to return to back to the mother group. The band’s music is incredibly somber (sinister is also appropriate) as it was on Univers Zero but here the music is electrified, more energetic and “relatively” more constructed. The vast majority of this debut is written by Roger Trigaux who oscillates constantly between the piano to a searing guitar.

Just three tracks on this album, one of which is simply the most representative track of Present’s Oeuvre: the side-long 19 min+ Promenade Au Fond D’Un Canal. With an incredibly ever changing rhythm pattern but constantly sinister and metronomic-quality (almost repetitive to be minimalist, but this would be misleading) groove and helped out tremendously by Rochette’s piano, this track is riveting, tense from beginning to end. The 15 min+ Quatre-vingt Douze is based much on the same pattern but reminds you of John Cale and Terry Riley’s superb album Church Of Anthrax. Last but not least is a short Repulsion (a collaboration between Trigaux, Denis and bassist Genet) that has problems finding its place next to the other two “epics”, but is highly atmospheric.

A complete meltdown of wonderful insane, beyond brilliant stuff!

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