Tuesday, July 28, 2015

If - 1975 - Not Just Another Bunch Of Pretty Faces

Not Just Another Bunch Of Pretty Faces

01. In the winter of your life
02. Stormy every weekday blues
03. Follow on that with your performing seals
04. Still alive
05. Borrowed time
06. Chiswick high road blues
07. I believe in rock & roll

Clifford Davis / Drums, Synthesiser, Vocals
Gabriel Magno / Keyboards
Carlos Martinez / Percussion
Walt Monaghan / Bass, Vocals
Dick Morrissey / Saxophone
Geoff Whitehorn / Guitar

Regardless of the time period in which they created their music, one thing all bands had in common - lot of personnel changes which as a consequence brought to changes in their musical direction(s). This last IF recording found Dick Morrissey as the only member of the starting line-up and delivering material varied in music expression; now it is not only jazz-rock but there's to find very good blues in ''Stormy Every Weekday Blues'' and even classic rock tune in closing track ''I Believe In Rock And Roll''. My number one however is Morrissey's instrumental ''Follow That With Your Performing Seals'' which reminds us on genuine IF - excellent musicians performing superb jazz-rock.

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