Tuesday, July 28, 2015

If - 1974 - Tea Break Is Over

Tea Break Is Over


01. Merlin the magic man
02. I had a friend
03. Tea-break over
04. Ballad of the yessirrom kid
05. Raw sewage
06. Song for Alison
07. Don Quixote's masquerade

Clifford Davis / Drums, Synthesiser, Vocals
Gabriel Magno / Keyboards
Carlos Martinez / Percussion
Walt Monaghan / Bass, Vocals
Dick Morrissey / Saxophone
Geoff Whitehorn / Guitar

This whole album brings to my mind a question recently occured as a topic in Prog Lounge-'How much Pop in your Prog ? Two tracks out of seven from this release, 'Merlin The Magic Man' and the title track are just about the measure! Luckily, the rest of material offers more jazz and heavy prog elements; the latter specially inherent to the number 'Yessirom Kid' eccentric not only by its title (however, pronounced backwards it leads to the name of band leader and founder member) but also with its odd sax solo ending. What follows is for me the best track-'Don Quixote's Masquerade' with nice interplay between Whitehorn's acoustic guitar and Morrissey's electric tenor sax. On the B side of the record there are two good moments; in wistful ballad 'I Had A Friend' and closing instrumental 'Raw Sewage'. At first, I was ready to give three stars to this album, but as I consider the words 'excellent addition...' much more appropriate than 'good but...' my final decision is pursuant to that.

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