Friday, July 31, 2015

Ian Gillan Band - 2003 - Rarities 1975-77

Ian Gillan Band 
Rarities 1975-77

01. Finally The Finale
02. My Baby Loves Me
03. Down The Road
04. You Make Me Feel So Good
05. Country Lights (Backing Track)
06. Child In Time   
07. Scarabus (Backing Track)   
08. Smoke On The Water (Live)   
09. Let It Slide (Backing Track)
11. Twin Exhausted   
12. Fool's Mate (Backing Track)   
13. Vindaloo   
14. You Get What You Ask For   
15. Raped By Aliens

Vocals – Ian Gillan
Bass Guitar – Roger Glover (tracks: 1,2,4,10)
Bass, Vocals – John Gustafson
Drums, Percussion – Mark Nauseef
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Ray Fenwick
Lead Vocals – John Gustafson (tracks: 13-15)
Piano, Keyboards – Colin Towns, Mickey Lee Soule, Mike Moran
Producer – Ian Gillan Band (tracks: 5,7,8,11-15), Roger Glover (tracks: 1-4,6,9,10)


Compilation of rarities & alternate versions includes five previously unreleased tracks:1,10,13-15.
There's a sense of adventure that latter-day Purple could never have countenanced and a looseness to the proceedings that was a far cry from the uptight grumbling that scarred his old band's final sessions together. If it all gets too weird for you, there's a terrific version of 'Child In Time' to bring you back to earth.
This is a collection that will undoubtedly appeal to the Purple completist, especially as Roger Glover plays on four songs… guitarist Ray Fenwick has raided his vaults for this excellent set, and come up with some real gems. Not only are there plenty of alternate versions…and backing tracks, but several numbers unreleased in any form…Essential.



  2. Thank you very much for the Episode Six and the Ian Gillan Band albums !!