Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Greenslade - 2013 - Live In Stockholm, March 10, 1975

Live In Stockholm, March 10, 1975


01. Pilgrim's Progress
02. Newsworth
03. The Flattery Stakes
04. Bedside Manners Are Extra
05. Joie de Vivre
06. Waltz For A Fallen Idol
07. The Ass's Ears
08. Drum Folk
09. Spirit Of The Dance

- Dave Greenslade / vocals and keyboards
- Dave Lawson / keyboards
- Martin Briley / bass and backing vocals
- Andrew McCulloch / drums

Recorded in 1975 but not released until 2013, this archival release features Greenslade performing live in Stockholm, Sweden. At the time of this concert performance, the band were touring in support of the album Time And Tide which had been released the same year, and four tracks from that 1975 album are featured here in Newsworth, The Flattery Stakes, Waltz For A Fallen Idol, and The Ass's Ears. From 1974's Spyglass Guest comes Joie de Vivre and the excellent Spirit Of The Dance both of which also appeared on Live 1973-75 (an archival live release from 2000). Bedside Manners Are Extra is represented by three tracks including the title track, which was also on Live 1973-75, and Pilgrim's Progress and Drum Folk, which were not on Live 1973-75. The band's self-titled debut album is not represented at all on Live In Stockholm.

The sound quality is not perfect, but also not too shabby. The art work by the great Roger Dean is very nice and I would guess it is something that they dug up in the archives. It is a similar style to the early Greenslade covers, though it features a long-legged lady instead of the trademark many-armed man.

If you liked Live 1973-75 then Live In Stockholm will constitute a good companion piece for your collection. But essential it is not unless you are a Greenslade fan and collector.

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