Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Greenslade - 2000 - Large Afternoon

Large Afternoon

01. Cakewalk (4:56)
02. Hallelujah Anyway (6:46)
03. Large Afternoon (4:34)
04. No Room - But A View (3:38)
05. Anthems (6:09)
06. In The Night (5:19)
07. On Suite (6:46)
08. Lazy Days (4:18)
09. May Fair (4:13)

- Dave Greenslade / keyboards
- Tony Reeves / bass
- John Young / keyboard, vocals
- Chris Cozens / drums

 It may be the best part of thirty years since the release of their superb first two albums, but Dave Greenslade and Tony Reeves are back, with 'new boys' Chris Cozens and John Young .There have been few four-pieces that could boast two keyboard players, and Greenslade have been away far too long. I defy any lover of keyboard rock a la ELP not to fall in love with the opening instrumental "Cakewalk" as it drives along very nicely. John provides all of the vocals (four of the nine have lyrics), but his voice isn't strong enough for this role, although for a lot of the time he just manages to get away with it. For me it is on the more expansive instrumental numbers that the guys show what we have been missing for all these years. This is an album that I would recommend to any keyboard loving proggers out there.

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