Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Greenslade - 1974 - Spyglass Guest

Spyglass Guest

01. Spirit of the Dance (5:08)
02. Little red Fry-up (5:11)
03. Rainbow (4:20)
04. Siam Seesaw (4:43)
05. Joie de vivre (8:25)
06. Red Light (2:47)
07. Melancolic Race (4:15)
08. Theme for an Imaginary Western (3:51)

- Dave Greenslade / keyboards (1,4,5,7,8)
- Tony Reeves / bass guitar (1,2,4,5,7,8)
- Andrew McCulloch / drums, percussion
- Dave Lawson / keyboards (all except 1)

Guest musicians:
- Clem Clemson / electric guitar (2,4)
- Jeremy Ensor / recorder Rainon 3
- Andy Roberts / acoustic guitar on 4
- Graham Smith / violin on 5
- Gregg Jackman / recorder church noise on 5

My favourite album from this band created from keyboard player Dave Greenslade agree with bass player Tony Reeves both from Colosseum. Greenslade decided to give his band a very keyboard orientated sound so that decided to join Dave Lawson and get along without a guitar player, but, compaired to the two previous albums," Spyglass guest" it's better balanced among all sounds possibilities and results wonderful. It opens with typical instrumental introduction, but not a short one, on the contrary a complete demonstration of Greenslade capabilities at each kind of keyboards,perfectly substained by the evergreen Andy McCulloch on drums. Then it's Lawson's turn and "Little red fry-up" with "Rainbow" complete the fantastic beginning of this album, expecially from instrumental point of view: Lawson 's voice is infact a bit too screeching for my tastes! A moment of rest with peaceful "Siam Seesaw" which precedes the hit of this album, "Joie de vivre" so beautiful in every part, with both of Dave at their top realizing complex and at the same time so vital music. "Red light" is at right place in the right moment because you can listen at this track as while you've still in ears the previous one! "Melancholic race" is fantastic again for sounds and rhythm changes showing a great Andy, on the contrary "Theme for an imaginary western" nothing adds to the album beauty,



  2. I'm afraid this is defunct. "Afraid" because I want it! ;-) ;-(