Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dave Greenslade - 1999 - Going South

Dave Greenslade 
Going South

01. Going South (5:00)
02. Chasing The Wind (4:50)
03. Slipstream (6:19)
04. Flying V (5:39)
05. Miles Away (3:52)
06. Short Time Down (2:23)
07. Crane Dance (3:20)
08. Night Flight (6:32)
09. Piano Flamingo (3:07)
10. South Revisited (3:04)

- Dave Greenslade / keyboards, composition, arrangements, mixing, production

It was reissued by Angel Air in 2004 with a different cover, and this time credited to 'Greenslade' as opposed to 'Dave Greenslade'

Going South is a relaxing keyboard album that may perhaps be categorised as New-Age. There are many albums of its kind made by progressive Rock heroes like those albums Steve Howe did with Paul Sutin or many of the albums in Anthony Phillips's Private Parts & Pieces-series. However, there are also here some parts that are in a more jazzy vein, soft Jazz that is.

All the sounds are created by Dave himself on his keyboards and the programmed rhythms and he even produces and mixes the abum himself. Hence, this is a solo album in the true sense of the word and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Greenslade (the band).

It is a pleasant listen, very easy on the ear, and never offensive.

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