Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scope - 1974 - Scope


01. Watch Your Step
02. Can You Follow Me
03. Kayakokolishi
04. Yesternight’s Dream
05. Description
06. Walpurgis Night
07. Chewing Gum Telegram
08. The Queen Can Do No Wrong

– Rik Elings – pianos, organ, mini moog, flute
– Henk Zomer – drums, percussion
– Rens Nieuwland – guitar
– Erik Raayman – bass, piano, percussion
– Jochen Petersen – soprano saxophone

Formed in Zwolle in 1971,SCOPE were a four-member prog/jazz outfit,who was born out of the ashes of the band Strange Power.Founding members were drummer Henk Zomer and keyboardist/flutist Rik Elings.Reportedly the band started as a symphonic rock group,but soon they switched to a more jazzy progressive style.SCOPE played a lot of gigs in their country and Germany and finally they recorded their self-titled debut for ther Negram Lanel on German ground.
Their style is a combination of classic progressive rock with Canterbury influences and jazz/rock of the RETURN TO FOREVER school.Guitarist Ren Nieuwland performs fantastically with a variety of tempos,as he was given a lot of space for endless,improvisational and delightful solos,not far from JOHN MCLAUGHLIN's work with the MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA.Elings is also on the top of this performance with his nice electric piano in the vein of CHICK COREA, while he also plays some dominant organ parts in a couple of songs.The funky bass lines belong to talented bassist Erik Raayman,while Zomer is also present with some steady and confident drumming.Parts of the album are characterized by the massive interplays of the members,reminding of their fellows SUPERSISTER and there are also some really dark parts with haunting flutes and slow guitars,where the band comes closer than ever to classic 70's progressive rock.For fans of varied,instrumental, jazzy progressive rock played with inspiration and talent,this is a great musical adventure.Essential for the fans of the afore-mentioned styles.

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