Sunday, June 21, 2015

Quintessence - 2009 - Infinite Love - Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall

Infinite Love - Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall

01. High on Mount Kailash (5:48)
02. Wonders of the Universe (7:55)
03. Gang Mai (13:58)
04. Meditations (6:11)
05. Dive Deep (14:52)
06. Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga (15:22)
07. Spoken Intro (0:40)
08. Gange Mai (9:57)
09. Pearl and Bird (4:00)
10. Sita Ram (4:25)
11. Freedom (11:05)
12. Giants (9:54)
13. Hari Om/Govinda (9:24)
14. Giants (Reprise) (5:40)
15. Dive Deep: Dive Deep/Chant/Water Goddess/Dive Deep (23:23)

Absolute masterpiece. Sorry, but i had to begin this review by these strong words.

This freshly unreleased 1971 double live album is an unexpected gem (and the word is weak) which expand a lot Quintessence's discography, along with the other « Cosmic Energy: Live at St Pancras 1970 » CD also by Hux records which is almost in the same vein in term of performance, but not for sound quality.

The performance on "Infinite Love: Live at the Queen Elizabeth 1971" is stellar, that's why at the time some music reviewers claimed that Quintessence was « the best live band in the world ». Indeed, the band combines virtuosity and mystic fervour like nobody. Flute and guitar parts are awesome, the psychedelic jams evoke the best Grateful dead. Quintessence is really the following of the american psychedelic scene, with a unique indo progressive touch. The track list gather pieces from all albums including the masterpiece eponym track « Dive deep » with two versions including one clocking at 24 minutes.

This is rare enough to be precised : not only this concert has been very well recorded in 1971 -as explained into the very informative booklet- thanks to amplifier settings in order to make the flute and vocals clearly audible, but the CD transfer is a success too : for one time the sound is neutral and musical with great presence, no over-compression which makes this CD a delight to listen to, even on ambitious audio systems, which is rarely the case with « rock » records. Thanks a lot to Hux records for this great mastering job. This is the kind of CD releases which may save the CD industry ! The only drawback for picky audiophiles who don't like to put their fingers on their precious discs is the very unconvenient double CD jewel case which is a pain to use : it's very hard to remove the CD from the box without damaging it, which is very frustating with such a quality record. Besides this detail, this « Infinite love » is easily the release of the year in vintage progressive rock.



  2. if you say Absolute masterpiece I believe you

  3. Hello, my friend. Been looking for a copy of this one and the St. Pancras concert. But I have a very hard time downloading from the site where you uploaded it. Is there any way you can upload it in zippyshare or yandex? Thank you, my friend. - Laura.