Monday, June 22, 2015

Quill - 1977 - Sursum Corda

Sursum Corda

01. First movement: (19:58)
  i) Floating
  ii) Interlude
  iii) The March Of Dreams
  iv) The March Of Kings
  v) Storming The Mountain
  vi) Princess Of The Mountain
  vii) Storming The mountain (part II) ~ Lift Up Your Heart
02. Second movement: (15:32)
  i) The Call
  ii) Timedrift
  iii) Earthsplit
  iv) The Black Wizard
  v) Counterspell
  vi) The White Wizard
  vii) The Hunt
  viii) Rising
  ix) The Spell
  x) Sumnation
  xi) Finale

Keith Christian - vocals, Rickenbacker 4001 bass, nylon string guitar
Ken DeLoria - Hammond B2 organ, Moog synths, Mellotron, Baldwin electric harpsichord, Steinert grand piano-forte, Arp string ensemble, RMI Keyboard Computer.
Jim Sides - vocals, drums, orchestral & tubular bells, tympani

1st album by short-lived US Prog group Quill, which is one of the greatest but sadly little known gems of the US 1970s Prog Movement, brought to life only by this CD reissue. The band also recorded another, even more ambitious project, which remains unissued to this very day. The album is a concept story in two long movements, almost entirely instrumental, performed by the three Quill members: keyboardist Ken DeLoria, bassist Keith Christian and drummer Jim Sides. The obvious keyboard trios come to mind (Nice, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, etc.) but the band deserves to be remembered by its own merits, as it is truly remarkable. The complex and intertwined musical themes and the spectacular instrumental solos (especially on the Hammond organ) are amongst Prog's finest moments and the album is definitely a minor masterpiece in its own right. No serious Prog collection would be complete without this shining gem!



  2. Completely agree, it was love at first listen and still rewards when I revisit it...
    ...I've heard about their 2nd unreleased lp, and it sounds like it was a monster!
    Damn would I love to hear that one... ...maybe some day over the rainbow - ha!
    Continuing big Thanks for the great music bro, love it!
    ...Cruising again in the all-night Time Machine,
    under ghostly moonglow and firefly twilight, we discover hidden artifacts
    from the past, present, and future...4:00 am June, the sky is green...
    --- GRADUATION KEY ---
    1. Didn't You Hear?...Mort Garson
    2. Golden Landing (Part One)...Ramases
    3. 4:00 A.M., June; The Sky Was Green...The Open Window
    4. Oree...Laurent Thibault
    5. Door Knob...Orpheus
    6. Child Is Father To The Man...The Beach Boys
    7. Chapter 24...Pink Floyd
    8. Col. Forbin's Ascent~The Vibration Of Life~The Famous Mockingbird...Phish
    9. The Dimension Man...Ethos
    10. The Third Ring's Watery Flow...Roger Glover
    11. The Fourth Ring's With The Wind...Roger Glover
    12. Didn't You Hear? (End Title)...Mort Garson
    ...and it's high time we visit
    1. Come On In...The Association
    2. Let's Go Away For Awhile...The Beach Boys
    3. Marrakesh Express...Crosby, Stills & Nash
    4. Welcome You're In Love...The American Breed
    5. Old Antone's...Huey Lewis & The News
    6. Chanting And Raving...Cafe Jacques
    7. I'm Only Sleeping...The Beatles
    8. Now Mona Lisa...Ramases
    9. Jubilee Morning...Children Of All Ages
    10. Mr. Blue Sky...Electric Light Orchestra
    11. Food...The Turtles
    12. My Island...Fabulous Farquahr
    13. Bobbie's Blues...Northern Lights
    14. Green, Green (Big, Big River)...Bob Ray
    15. Juliet...Neil Diamond
    16. Man In The Mirror...Michael Jackson
    17. Damn Good...David Lee Roth
    18. Treasure It...The Fixx
    19. Islands...Phil Manzanera/801
    20. Harvey's Tune...Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills
    21. Over Fire Island...Brian Eno