Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Popol Ace - 1973 - Quiche Maya

Popol Ace
Quiche Maya

01. Queen of All Queens (3:35)
02. Dark Nights (4:01)
03. Mrs. Randalie (7:56)
04. Music Box (4:16)
05. Yesterday (5:13)
06. Milk-White Satin-Dressed Departure (4:47)
07. Between You and Me (3:17)
08. Get Up (6:02)

- Arne Schulze / guitar
- Pete Knutsen / guitar, keyboards
- Thor Andreassen / drums
- Terje Methi / bass
- Jahn Teigen / vocals

In 1975, Florian Fricke (leader of the German group Popol Vuh) discovered his Norwegian namesakes and threatened them with a lawsuit. For this reason, Popol Vuh changed their name to Popol Ace.

Review: Gatot

What music that surrounded you when you grew up? What would be your reaction if you listen to the music 30 years later? Do you feel like a journey to the past or you feel like living in the past? In my case, I feel both. The fact that I'm spinning back the music (or even hunting the CD like hell until I got it in my collection of CD!), is like a journey to my past. But when I'm listening to it I feel like living in the past. And I always feel excited whenever I'm listening to music which was written in the 70s which practically most of them has some prog elements in it. At that time I did not know the term "progressive" yet and any rock music was just "rock" - no further categorization which one fall under which category. I just accepted whatever flew into my ears and try to digest it. As for the case with Popol Vuh, I was not aware about this album at that time. The first time I knew about the band was a compilation cassette produced by our local music magazine which was very famous, i.e Aktuil. The cassette was labeled "Rock Vibration 2" with the opening track "Music Box" by Popol Ace. Wow! This track had blown me away at first spin. I started to wonder who this band was and found practically nothing. Hello, it was 70s, my friends! There was no internet and information was not distributed in proper way. Only decades later - I think it was 2000 or 2001 I found this album. Oh, finally I found vintage band Popol Vuh / Ace!

So "Music Box" is the connector why I was hunting this CD and luckily I got it from local music store. Hey, Jakarta rocks and progs man, don't underestimate people who live in "rest of the world" countries like Indonesia (which you might know only our beautiful island of Bali). Our passion for music is very high and we have many rock communities with strong passion for rock and prog music. When I listen to "Music Box" I always remember vividly the 70s period where our rock passion was at the top like right now. "Music Box" is a wonderfully crafted ballad rock with great melody line, excellent acoustic guitar fills and singing style.

"I'm sitting in a music box , I'm making songs - wanna know what for? Is there really more to tell , or haven't you really had before? Oh . uuuhhhh . who can tell? Oh .. in the end it won't make us different.

Oh .. my friend.what a mind boggling lyrical verse and touchy melody backed with wonderful acoustic guitar fills. The lyrics also tell about the wondering of a musician who is ready to write music but he doesn't know yet if the music has already been created by someone else. What a great meaning from great song "Music Box"!

Actually, when I purchased the CD I didn't really care about other tracks because I only chase "Music Box" and it would justify the investment - money wise! But some tracks are also in fact good ones to enjoy. "Between You and Me" is a nice ballad with excellent piano, touchy melody line with powerful voice of the lead vocalist. "Queen of all queens" is an excellent classic rock song with distinctive guitar work. "Dark nights" is also not bad at all. It flows with piano as main rhythm section. "Mrs. Randalie" demonstrates he band's adventure into symphonic prog music. I like the bass lines for this track. Duration-wise this track is like typical prog tunes with 8 minute duration.

I can consider that this album is really good. Those of you who love classic rock and symphonic prog - well, sometimes the band sounds a bit psychedelic too - you may enjoy this album as well. I put my neck that you would definitely love "Music Box". Guaranteed. Keep on proggin' ..!

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