Monday, June 29, 2015

Curved Air - 1995 - On Air Live at the BBC

Curved Air
On Air Live at the BBC

01. Vivaldi
02. Propositions/What Happens When You Blow Yourself Up?
03. It Happened Today
04. Young Mother in Style
05. Situations
06. Blind Man
07. Thinking on the Floor
08. Stretch
09. Stark Naked
10. Woman On a One Night Stand
11. Midnight Wire
12. Hot ‘N’ Bothered
13. The Fool

 - Sonja Kristina / vocals
- Darryl Way / violin, vocals
- Francis Monkman / guitar, keyboards (1-8)
- Robert Martin / bass (1-3)
- Florian Pilkington-Miska / drums (1-8)
- Ian Eyre / bass (4-8)
- Tony Reeves / bass (9-13)
- Mick Jacques / guitar (9-13)
- Stewart Copeland / drums (9-13)

The first session from the April of 1970 is yet bit tame, but the tracks breathe more freely than in the studio recordings. The version of “Vivaldi” is quite good. “Propositions” is performed well also — in this version, there’s a short lyrical passage in the end of the jam. This set ends with “It Happened Today”, with rock ‘n’ roll pianos, quite soft empathy for Sonja and an irritating fadeout.
“Young Mother in Style” is great, and comparing to the studio version, the lyrics are audible, and there aren’t any fadeouts. “Situations” is quite beautiful! In addition of the song “Blind Man” there’s also a second session done a few weeks later, featuring “Thinking on The Floor” and “Stretch”, which are decent performances.
The last session time warps to year 1976, where the band backing up Sonja has been mostly changed and also the musical style has ventured to a different direction. The instrumental opening is still energetic little in the style of the early days, but the rest of the songs are mostly more emotional and moody.



  2. Thanks for the Curved Air material. I have all their stuff on CD, but I ripped it ages ago at 160 or 192. This is much better. You saved me a lot of time digging through boxes in my basment trying to find those old CDs...

  3. Quite beautiful